New Beginnings - Early Years Foundation Phase - Wales: English Medium

This theme offers children the opportunity to see themselves as valued indivuals within a community and to contribute to shaping a welcoming, safe, and fair learning community for all. Throughout the theme children explore feelings of happiness, excitement, sadness, anxiety and fearfulness, while learning (and putting it into practice), shared models for calming down and problem solving.In Wales, the blue booklet (early years foundation phase) takes the place of the red (nursery and reception) and blue (KS1) booklets provided by the English SEAL Curriculum.  It is divided into 4 'elements' (Element 1 equates to Nursery, Element 2 to Reception, Element 3 to Y1 and Element 4 to Y2), with curriculum activities appropriate to each year group. This booklet is available in Welsh medium - search using 'Wales: Welsh medium'.

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