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To search and download the nationally available SEAL resources, you will need to  register and login. This is quick, free and easy.

Once you have registered and logged in, use the menu on the left to find and download the SEAL resources you require. You can choose to search for resources by year group, theme, language (Welsh or English), type (teacher guidance, assemblies, small group work, curriculum booklets, family etc.). If you are new to SEAL, or unsure what you are looking for, you might like to browse the ‘Getting started with SEAL’ option, and the information on the ‘About SEAL’ tab on the home page. These resources offer an overview of what is available and how the SEAL resources are organised.

If you are looking for SEAL evaluations and research reports in the public domain, you can find these here too. Alternatively, to access all the benefits of The SEAL Community you can join us! By joining the SEAL Community (for a small yearly fee) you will become part of an ever-growing network of like-minded professionals.

You will be able to:

  • Download all the new lesson plans, assemblies, useful tools and resources that we have uploaded to the ‘Members’ section of the SEAL website – so as to continuously update the original national SEAL programme
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Evaluation of SEAL research paper

In this study, a team of experienced school advisors used a semi‐structured observation and interview protocol to rate various aspects of the implementation of SEAL in 49 primary and secondary schools. A total of 2242 pupils in 29 of these schools completed measures of social experiences and school ethos. School‐level attainment and attendance statistics were collated for all participating schools. Analysis revealed that ratings indicative of a whole‐school universal approach to SEAL were significantly associated with school ethos, which in turn predicted improved peer relationships,  better overall school attainment, and reduced persistent absence. Thematic analysis of the advisors’ records illuminated key dimensions and exemplars of whole‐school implementation. Results highlight the role of school ethos in systematically connecting whole‐school practices relating to SEAL with key indicators of school success..

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Resources for lessons on change and transition

Rise Above is a website and set of free resources from Public Health England. These new resources cover change and how to deal with it. For primary there is a lesson about transition to secondary school, with some nice film in which children and young people talk about the changes they have faced, how they coped and how to support others going through change. For KS3 and 4 the lesson looks at a range of different changes, and unpicks unexpected/expected changes, and changes that are within or out of our control. These are ideas also covered in the SEAL national resources ‘Changes’ theme materials. The additional film for KS3 and 4 is slightly more lecturing but still useful, and there is one other film on young people who swapped homes and families for a while, which could lead to some lively and interesting teaching and learning. Each set of resources includes a PowerPoint, lesson notes and tips on using the material. Find the videos that go with the resources here . There are additional resources on puberty at…

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