New Year lesson plans

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This toolkit from Mentally Healthy Schools has primary activities, lesson plans and assembly plans to help children to think about who they are as a person, recognise what they are good at, identify positive things about themselves, learn from their experiences and set goals.

One 20-30 minute activity helps encourage staff and pupils to think about their aspirations for the year ahead, especially in relation to mental health and wellbeing.

Another bumper resource collection for Getting on/Learning to be together

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Here you will find:

Some classroom ideas for building a sense of community

Lessons in empathy: a nice primary lesson idea about welcoming a newcomer

Space Tortoise- a book to use for primary work on welcoming strangers

The Suitcase - A lovely picture book about kindness to strangers

A great primary/early secondary assembly Stop bullying with a tube of tooothpaste

A colllection of resources for teaching about diversity and for the Prevent duty

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Here we have uploaded 

- a primary or secondary assembly or lesson  resource (slides with teacher notes)on valuing diversity and difference,  from Tower Hamlets. Includes a fabulous slide picture asking Would you want to live in a world wher everyone looked the same?

- a set of secondary lessons (slides with notes)  to meet the Prevent duty , also from Tower Hamlets. Covers prejudice, empathy with refugees, understanding what is and isn't true.

The biggest change... refugees and migrants lesson collection

If you are working on the theme of change this term, why not focus on the experiences of refugees and migrants?

We’ve uploaded a collection of lesson ideas here http://sealcommunity.org/member-resource/biggest-change-refugees-and-migrants-lesson-collection

Create empathy maps

When studying a book, play or historical event use empathy map tools to help students to think about how others would act, think/believe and feel in a particular situation. Students discuss responses with a partner then place post-its on the relevant section of a display.

Lovely film about empathy

This is a beautifully animated short film about empathy, and how it is different from sympathy, for adults and older secondary students


Random App of Kindness

This fantastic free app for secondary aged students aims to help increase empathic habits using interactive games designed for smartphones. It features a series of short games, such as ‘stop the baby crying’ and ‘match the emotion’. Tests have shown that students who were randomly assigned to play with this app for two months were more likely to help a person in need than a control group who played different games those who played a controlled game. Find it at http://www.rakigame.com/#home

All-new resource compendium for your 2017 work on Getting On and Falling Out/Learning to be Together

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Here we have a lesson for upper KS2 and secondary pupils about migration and understanding what it feels to be different, based on a moving poem.For secondary students there is a Power-Point and linked worksheet and lesson plan on the theme of friendship, from ezzy sunlight (thank you!) , and a very useful suite of resources on kindness and friendship in relation to the use of social media, plus some peer pressure scenarios for role play and discussion.

Working together, empathy and friendship 2016 secondary resource compendium

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First, we think you will like Crabs versus ants versus penguins - a fun film about the power of working in a group https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jop2I5u2F3U

For empathy, we love the What is empathy lesson, uploaded below, which helps children understand what empathy means. It includes a brilliant short You Tube film, New Boy, based on a story by Roddy Boyle. Beware though – ne of the children at one point uses the word f—cking so you might need to do some clever editing.

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