Tips for helping children manage unexpected endings and transitions

1. Make explicit that unexpected endings and transitions are difficult, and that it is normal to feel unsettled or upset.


2. If you have previously worked on the feelings associated with loss (for example, in the SEAL Relationships theme resources), help children understand that even without bereavement the lockdown period will have involve loss for everyone – whether of a holiday or special event or normal ‘moving in/moving up’ events in school. Revisit what the children learned about loss and how to get through it.


Wellbeing Bingo cards

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This resource encourages pupils to think about ways they can look after their mental health in the summer. You could give them to a class you'll see again in September and see how many they've ticked off, or give to your pupils on the last day to remind them to look after their wellbeing


Hope Clouds

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This Hope Clouds activity helps children of any age think about their hopes for the next school year.

The biggest change... refugees and migrants lesson collection

If you are working on the theme of change this term, why not focus on the experiences of refugees and migrants?

We’ve uploaded a collection of lesson ideas here

New transition collection

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Here we have a really nice end-of-year activity for Year 7s. They have to create a  How to Survive Year 7 Guide for the next Y7 students. There is a  PowerPoint which can be used to introduce the activity through discussion and suggest what aspects of school might go in the guide. Students then need to work together (pairs/small groups) to create their a guide. Thanks to ashleymarie for these resources.

Changes Anthony Browne primary lesson

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This lesson is suitable for Year 2 up. Based on Anthony Browne's book, it helps chidlren understand that change can be both difficult and positive, that others have been through changes similar to their own, and that there are strategies they can use to help them cope with difficult change.

Changes primary resources

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From Sue Brown we have a 'how I’ve changed sheet' for children to use for the Year 1 and 2 SEAL activity where they think about what about them has changed since they were small, and what will not change. And from Fred Daynes a set of PowerPoints for SEAL ’Changes’ lessons for Year 4 and 5 . Thanks to you both!

New transitions compendium

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In this compendium we have a bumper set of Transition ideas for all ages as they move from class to class or school to school, a Y6 lesson on transition and managing change from Katie Jump (thank you!) and some fabulous resources and scheme of work from the brilliant Ruth Frost, SEAL Coordinator at a Torfaen school in Wales. The scheme (Y7 term 1 SOW) can be on transition days in Y6 when children visit their new secondary school. Many of the activities could also be used when they start in Y7.

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