Working out relationships secondary pack

‘Working out Relationships?’ is a lesson pack that draw on findings from a research project at the University of Exeter on what helps long term relationships to thrive. There is a short animation and accompanying infographic, supporting interactive lesson plans featuring two fictitious 16-year old couples. One relationship involves a controlling partner, and pupils will learn how to identify and avoid such relationships and — where necessary — how to exit one safely. In lesson two, pupils will learn strategies to start to build positive, potentially lasting, relationships of their own.

Another bumper resource collection for Getting on/Learning to be together

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Here you will find:

Some classroom ideas for building a sense of community

Lessons in empathy: a nice primary lesson idea about welcoming a newcomer

Space Tortoise- a book to use for primary work on welcoming strangers

The Suitcase - A lovely picture book about kindness to strangers

A great primary/early secondary assembly Stop bullying with a tube of tooothpaste

SEAL mapped against new DFE statutory sex, relationships and health curriculum

DfE statutory guidance for relationships and health education (primary) and sex, relationships and health education (secondary) is due to come into force in September 2020. For English members we have mapped SEAL content against the content specified in the guidance. You can find the mapping here


Rise above for schools

Rise Above for Schools from Public Health England provides free PSHE resources that support secondary school teachers when promoting positive health, wellbeing and resilience among young people aged 11 to 16.

By including video content co-created by young people for young people, Rise Above for Schools is designed to help facilitate open and informed conversations with students on a range of sometimes challenging areas of PSHE education.

Got some girls making each other's lives a misery?

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These lessons from The Ophelia Project in US help girls learn about 'relational aggression' -  the subtle tactics of social exclusion, spreading rumours and threats to withdraw friendship that are so common amongst girls. There are 6 lessons for each age group.

Primary Relationships planning and assessment

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More of Bradford's brilliant behaviour support team's planning and assessment tools for all year groups - thank you Bradford!

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