Welsh government funding for whole-school approach to promoting emotional health and wellbeing

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Jean Gross

In Wales the Minister for Mental Health and the Minister for Education have made £9m available for 2021-22 to support whole-school work in promoting emotional and mental health. This represents a substantial increase on the £5m available for this work in 2020-21.

Of this £9m, £5m will be made available to support the national roll out of the CAMHS ‘In-Reach’ pilot (providing dedicated mental health practitioner support to schools), and £2.75m to local authorities to support the implementation of the statutory guidance for schools on ‘Embedding a whole-school approach to emotional and mental wellbeing’ and to tackle the impact of the Covid19 pandemic on learner and school staff wellbeing. This has been distributed to local authorities to:

  • improve and extend counselling provision (including for staff wellbeing)
  • develop and extend universal and targeted interventions in schools, including teacher and wider staff wellbeing initiatives.
  • Deliver teacher and other school staff training on their own and children’s emotional and mental wellbeing.

The remaining £1.25m will be administered centrally by the Welsh Government for national activity such as research and evaluation.

Queries can be addressed to Jason.pollard@gov.wales