Mindfulness gets Early Intervention Foundation’s seal of approval

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Jean Gross

The Early Intervention Foundation applies rigorous standards to rate different programmes according to the strength of research evidence behind them. The latest to get a strong rating is the .b school based mindfulness programme.  

Watch this nice film about the programme here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8UhpgtSzvg&feature=emb_logo

You might also want to look at two other recent evidence-rated entries in the EIF’s Guidebook. One is an interesting programme (‘Learning Together’) that combines SEL with restorative practices and has good evidence of impact in secondary schools.  The other is the Blues Programme, a targeted secondary school-based cognitive-behavioural programme for depression.

To read more go to https://guidebook.eif.org.uk/ and search for .b, Learning Together or the Blues Programme.