Mental health week at Meath School

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Jean Gross

Meath is a special school in Surrey that caters for children with speech, language and communication difficulties. In this year’s national children’s mental health week, the focus was on the theme ‘Dress to Express’.  On Thursday the children and staff were invited to wear bright colours or outfits that made them feel happy.


Earlier in the week children took part in activities such as Mindful Movement and Cosmic Yoga. Each class contributed to making a ‘Zones of Regulation Rainbow’, with the sections (red, amber, green, blue) created by lots of painted handprints. Every child made a learning hero personalised with a photo of their own face. Home learners were invited to send in their creations to be added to the display. In the afternoon, each class took turns to put their learning heroes into the zone that expressed how they were feeling.


The week culminated with a socially distanced fashion show. Each child walked or danced down the catwalk to the strains of Pharrell Williams ‘Happy’.