A magical book about kindness

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Jean Gross

Kind- A Book About Kindness

By Alison Green

Imagine a world where everyone is kind. How can we make that come true?

This is a book which from start to finish celebrates kindness. Full of positive and inspiring ideas, it reminds us all that we can all make a difference by being kind.

An amazing group of illustrators have come together and generously donated their artwork for the book. Thirty-eight different illustrative styles accompany the wonderfully positive messages. Bright and colourful, each is a real joy to share and explore and the range of artistic styles is fascinating.

Any of the spreads could be used as a ‘thought for the day’ or as the theme for an assembly or class discussion. There are simple suggestions for small acts of kindness which could make a huge difference and plenty to discuss and enjoy. Children could add their own ideas and illustrate them too, creating their own book of kindness alongside this one. It would also be fun for children to illustrate some of the ideas from the book before seeing how an illustrator had imagined it and then comparing the two.