Jenny Mosley’s Top 100 Playground Games

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We all want children to enjoy playtimes, benefiting from the physical and mental exercise and social interaction that effectively-run outdoor spaces allow. This book has been written to help you or your children teach exciting games that will encourage children's social and emotional development.

The games are grouped by the SEAL skill (social or emotional skill) they focus on so that you can select activities that suit your children's needs. Each game requires minimal resources and includes clear instructions suitable for use by playground friends and all children. A wide range of games is included in this book to suit all outdoor spaces and weather conditions.

Whether you are looking for games to develop social and emotional skills or for ways to engage active bodies and minds, the games in this book should meet your needs. They are a good resource to involve lunchtime supervisors with SEAL, and would also be useful in training playground buddies or peer mediators so they can help promote SEAL skills in the playground.

"Fabulous! Just what we've been looking for! I knew games were ace but I hadn't realised how many skills they teach! Great that SEAL is being reinforced where it most needs to happen."

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