Anxiety and Worry Kit in a Tin

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Jean Gross

We really like this programme to teach young people aged 8 – 16 years to manage their own anxiety and worry. It helps them develop techniques to use on their own when they begin to feel worried; these are printed onto a fan to keep in their pocket or bag.

The kit includes a CD rom with printable resources, an instruction book and over 80 question petals on 6 fans to initiate conversations about how the individual is feeling. The kit uses the principles of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy which empowers the individual to make their own decisions and take control. Adults use questions on fans to instigate conversation and discuss what happens when someone is feeling anxious.

A nice touch is the ‘stay safe’ cards in the set for young people to use if they need a five minute break during conversations. This means that an individual does not need to feel pressured and they have an escape route if needed.

Cost £47.99