A new understanding, tracking and dealing with feelings collection

Submitted by Jean Gross on 2 April, 2021 - 19:07

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Here we have:

A nice resource sheet for Reception/KS1 - helping the Colour Monster fill jars by drawing or writing things that make the child feel certain emotions

Some fabulous Colour Monster self regulation tools , for primary children to use to identify how they are feeling

A simple daily emotion tracker for primary, from the Anna Freud Centre. Can be used to help children identify and scale their feelings over the course of a week, at different times of the day and in different situations. .

An excellent Powerpoint lesson on how feelings influence behaviour, from the University of Birmingham's Character Curriculum. Suitable for upper primary/Y7

Y7 activities on managing strong emotions, from Young Minds

A 1-1 activity using colouring in a mandala to prompt conversation about how a pupil feels about self, friends, school and home

A great new resource, put together by Family Action/Lincolnshire’s Behaviour Outreach Support Service , of two booklets (one primary, one secondary) of ideas for activities to help children regulate their emotions