A colllection of resources for teaching about diversity and for the Prevent duty

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Here we have uploaded 

- a primary or secondary assembly or lesson  resource (slides with teacher notes)on valuing diversity and difference,  from Tower Hamlets. Includes a fabulous slide picture asking Would you want to live in a world wher everyone looked the same?

- a set of secondary lessons (slides with notes)  to meet the Prevent duty , also from Tower Hamlets. Covers prejudice, empathy with refugees, understanding what is and isn't true.

Tackling hate speech

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Ideas on helping older primary and secondary pupiils to understand why we sometimes use hate speech-speech which attacks a person or group on the basis of attributes such as race, religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability, or gender.

Blue eyes brown eyes

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This powerful activity for KS1 and 2 helps children think about prejudice, stereotyping and difference . It needs to be handled with care.This version of the activity was created by Hull Museums Education Service.

SEL and sport

Want to approach social and emotional skills through sport? The Premier League have free downloadable resources for primary schools, at

They cover topics such as resilience, diversity and teamwork, brought to life by personal insights from children and top figures of the sporting world. There are films about diversity and feeling left out, for example, and of match officials discussing how to manage feelings. Plus activities, assemblies and games.

The spike in hate that followed Brexit and Trump

An investigation by the Times Educational Supplement has found that schools in England experienced significant spikes in “hate crimes” and “hate incidents” last year, around the time of the Brexit vote and the election of Donald Trump.

Tes submitted freedom of information requests to all 39 of England’s police forces. Of the 32 that responded, 30 provided comparable data. It reveals that:

British Values teaching resources compendium

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