Just an hour a day chatting on social networks reduces children’s life satisfaction

This research explores the effect of children's digital social networking on their subjective wellbeing. It used a large representative sample of 10-15 year olds over the period 2010 to 2014 from the UK Household Longitudinal Study, and estimated the effect of time spent chatting on social websites on a number of outcomes which reflect how these children feel about different aspects of their life: school work; appearance; family; friends; school attended; and life as a whole.

Antibullying round up for 2014

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Antibullying week is coming up on 17-21 November. You'll find lots of resources on the official Anti-bullying alliance website but if you are looking for more ideas we've uploaded a few favourite lesson ideas here.There is a great KS2-4 lesson plan on bullying and disability which comes from the charity Beat Bullying- thank you! Plus some resources from the US - a KS2-4 lesson about being a bystander,  some lessons about cyberbullying and lastly some resources to tackle the problem of bullying between girls.

Looking for ideas for things to do for anti-bullying week this year?

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This resource round up has links to some of the best anti-bullying resources we have found - Powerpoints, lesson plans and films.

Beat Bullying primary and secondary lesson on cyberbullying

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More informational than SEAL-based, but would work well after using one of the Teachers' TV films on cyberbullying

Let's fight it together

Jean Gross's picture This is a brilliant film on cyberbullying, with accompanying guidance and lesson plans. It comes from the AntiBullying Alliance. It was created for secondary students but can also be used in older primary classes.

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