Develop a classroom charter on return to school

SEAL suggests that every year you work out a classroom charter with a new class or tutor group, which sets out how people will behave towards each other.

Always leave one desk empty ...


This is a lovely strategy used by teacher Michael Dunlea to help ensure that students experience a sense of belonging in his classroom.

We all belong here

 John Donne Primary school in Southwark has been praised by Ofsted for the way it equips students with an impressive range of personal qualities.  

We're all wonders resource pack for work on valuing differences

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A pack of teaching resources to support work on the book by R.J. Palacio - Wonder, adapted for younger readers as We’re All Wonders. Recently turned into a film starring Julia Roberts, it tells the story of a boy called Auggie with a facial abnormality who struggles to make friends. The simpler version confine itself to how people stare at him and say unkind things behind his back, and how that makes him feel. In the more complex original, his parents have to shield him from this by educating him at home, but now he is about to start school and dreading it.


UK students have a weaker sense of belonging in school than students internationally

The OECD study that reported on the importance of parents talking with their teenagers also found that students with a sense of belonging in school were more likely to perform better academically and be happier with their lives.

Students in the UK, however, had a weaker sense of belonging at school than the average for other developed countries.

A new school year - great tutor group activities to build belonging and resilence

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This lovely resource from BOND and Young Minds was written by Sam Hart, Angie Taylor and staff and pupils at Hove School.  It supports the tutor group structure and helps build relationships between tutors and students.

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