Classroom activities and resources Secondary

Classroom activities and resources Secondary

A new understanding, tracking and dealing with feelings collection

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Here we have:

A nice resource sheet for Reception/KS1 - helping the Colour Monster fill jars by drawing or writing things that make the child feel certain emotions

Some fabulous Colour Monster self regulation tools , for primary children to use to identify how they are feeling

A simple daily emotion tracker for primary, from the Anna Freud Centre. Can be used to help children identify and scale their feelings over the course of a week, at different times of the day and in different situations. .

The confidence collection

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This is a collection of resources on the theme of confidence.

For primary we have

- A self-belief assembly

- 'Superhero me': a resource that helps children think about their strengths

- A rebuild and recover resource to use with individual children to help them reframe negative thoughts


For primary and secondary there is:

-A 'challenging unhelpful thoughts' resource, again focused on overcoming negativity

-A really useful seven-session plan for 1-1 work with students who lack confidence

Are you a lemming?

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This is a sequence of lessons about peer conformity  and peer influence I used during the COVID lockdown , with a group of Y7s on Zoom.There is a Powerpoint and notes for the lessonsSuitable for Y7-9 

A really useful workbook for secondary students experiencing anxiety on return to school

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This workbook from Centre 33 looks very useful for anxious pupils - on return to school , but also at other times, It contains best-practice steps young peopel can take to manage their anxieties.

Secondary back to school resources

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From Place2Be we have a series of assembly and lesson resources focusing on community recovery and helping you to bring your school back together. The resources are split into four themes (self-efficacy, hope, gratitude and connectedness), with each drawing upon some of the factors that underpin emotional wellbeing and resilience.

Then there is a  five-step exercise on identity and belonging helps secondary students appreciate differences—in themselves and in their peers. It was developed by Shana White- thank you, Shana

Check out this collection of resilience resources

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There is

- a nice activity for any age group on what can keep us going when things are tough

- a ‘3 good things’ primary and secondary activity on positive thinking

- a nice ’balancing act’ activity and ‘find your balance ‘ image , also focused on staying positive

- a printable worksheet, best used in small groups or 1-1 settings. Pupils must finish the sentences ‘I am, I can, I have’, to help them talk about positive features in themselves

- a secondary lesson about resilience, with film clips and emoticon counters for a snakes and ladders game

Try the daily activities on this brilliant Advent Wellbeing Calendar from Young Minds with your class or tutor group

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Christmas can be a diffcult time for some children and young people, so Young Minds have put together a calendar of short daily activities that will help  your class or tutor group build resilience and look after their mental health - good for you as the adult, too! The activities are really fun and guaranteed to make everyone feel a little bit bettter.

Another bumper resource collection for Getting on/Learning to be together

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Here you will find:

Some classroom ideas for building a sense of community

Lessons in empathy: a nice primary lesson idea about welcoming a newcomer

Space Tortoise- a book to use for primary work on welcoming strangers

The Suitcase - A lovely picture book about kindness to strangers

A great primary/early secondary assembly Stop bullying with a tube of tooothpaste

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