Classroom activities and resources Primary

Classroom activities and resources Primary

A new understanding, tracking and dealing with feelings collection

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Here we have:

A nice resource sheet for Reception/KS1 - helping the Colour Monster fill jars by drawing or writing things that make the child feel certain emotions

Some fabulous Colour Monster self regulation tools , for primary children to use to identify how they are feeling

A simple daily emotion tracker for primary, from the Anna Freud Centre. Can be used to help children identify and scale their feelings over the course of a week, at different times of the day and in different situations. .

The confidence collection

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This is a collection of resources on the theme of confidence.

For primary we have

- A self-belief assembly

- 'Superhero me': a resource that helps children think about their strengths

- A rebuild and recover resource to use with individual children to help them reframe negative thoughts


For primary and secondary there is:

-A 'challenging unhelpful thoughts' resource, again focused on overcoming negativity

-A really useful seven-session plan for 1-1 work with students who lack confidence

Who supports me

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This resource helps primary children think about who supports them and how they can draw on their circles of support if they are worried about transition to secondary.

River to the Sea

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This transition resource from BAFTA Kids and the Art Room at Place2Be is for children in their final year of primary education. It is based on a creative opportunity for children to think about their time at primary school and the changes ahead as they ‘sail’ into secondary.

The same but different

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This assembly plan and lesson resources were created as part of the Mentally Healthy Schools World Mental Health Day 2020 resources, but can be used any time for work on diversity and difference. There are lesson plans for three different primary age groups.

Class DoJo animations and lessons

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You will really like these! Class DoJo have partnered with Yale, Stanford, and Harvard universities to create some really useful primary videos, discussion guides, and activities where students will:

• Manage powerful emotions through mindfulness

• Tackle self-talk and positive thinking

• Learn how to take on big challenges

• Explore moods and attitudes

• Discover the power of growth mindset

Find them at

You just need to create an account first if you haven't got one.

Calm-down choice cards and cam-down plan for primary pupils

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Devised by teachingwithmrso  (thank you!) , these are useful cards to cut out and laminate. Based on self-regulation theory, they are designed to help children identify an activity they can do to help calm themselves. By choosing a card themselves, they take responsibility for their own feelings and develop self-efficacy – the belief they can exercise control over their lives and learning

Also here is a nice template for a calm-dwn plan.



Moving on and making new friends KS2

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This NSPCC resource empowers children to handle the challenges associated with moving from Year 6 into secondary school. There are two lessons . The first is about the transition.

The second explores the nature of friendships, the benefits and opportunities that new ones bring, and the positive, safe and healthy ways to manage them.

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