FutureLink Publishing

Futurelink publishing specialises in producing high-quality, practical resources in the area of emotional well-being (SEAL, PSHE, and Every Child Matters) for schools and parents.All our resources are developed alongside schools and with pupil input, scrutinised by experts in the field and piloted extensively in schools.Our authors and advisors are well-established writers and practitioners in the field, who have worked closely with the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DfE) at national level as well as at Local Authority and School level.

The SEAL Consultancy

Julie Casey manages The SEAL Consultancy. We  work with a range of specialist consultants, trainers and practitioners all of whom have extensive experience of SEAL at national, local authority and individual school levels.    We can provide bespoke training and professional development for early years settings, primary, secondary and special schools and local authorities.  Please note that the contact details on the website are currently being updated.  You can contact Julie on 01749 841054 (M: 07976768050), by email Juliecasey@sealconsultancy.com or through the SEAL Community website.

Positive Press
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www.circle-time.co.uk/shop  Positive Press is an educational publishing company, founded by Jenny Mosley, to create a range of exciting products to promote her Quality Circle Time model. This model is a whole-school approach to the enhancing social and emotional aspects of learning. Positive Press publishes and distributes, through a catalogue and webshop, an ever-increasing range of products to help build a strong, positive, successful educational community. The resources are both produced by the press and also sourced from other providers all designed to help leaders promote excellence, order, calmness and vitality in their various settings.