New beginnings

New Year lesson plans

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This toolkit from Mentally Healthy Schools has primary activities, lesson plans and assembly plans to help children to think about who they are as a person, recognise what they are good at, identify positive things about themselves, learn from their experiences and set goals.

One 20-30 minute activity helps encourage staff and pupils to think about their aspirations for the year ahead, especially in relation to mental health and wellbeing.

New resource compendiums

For the SEAL Community website we have uploaded ideas on how families can use One Page Profiles to help teachers get to know their new class, plus some great tutor group ideas for building belonging and resilience.

Find them at

Eight questions to ask students at the start of the year

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Research shows that feeling listened to and that you belong is crucial in school success. Here you will find questions you can ask older primary and secondary children 1-1 or by surveys, to help create that feeling.Yuo might also like to try asking each child to create a Personal Profile; with three headings:What people like and admire about meWhat's important to meHow best to teach support me

New resources for settling in to secondary school

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Here we have a great icebreaker , designed to get new groups of children to interact with one another. Additionally the icebreaker should challenge stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination amongst the class. The resource was created by Jarosik- thank you.

Then from 'oops vip' there is a truly fabulous and funny slide show for tutor time or assemblies, on how to be successful in the new school year. And a fun Room 101 getting to know you activity Powerpoint from inara14

Y2 New Beginnings half tem planning

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Medium term plan for SEAL using Jenny Mosely’s ideas as a basis to the planning. For a year 2 class but incorporates some year 1 objectives/activities from the blue book so suitable for a mixed Y1/2 class. Uploaded to TES website by  littlemiss283 - thank you!

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