Spread a little kindness secondary assembly

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This is a nice secondary assembly (guide and slides) to get students thinking about kindness. There are lots of links to good videos and news stories. With thanks to Place2Be.

The same but different

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This assembly plan and lesson resources were created as part of the Mentally Healthy Schools World Mental Health Day 2020 resources, but can be used any time for work on diversity and difference. There are lesson plans for three different primary age groups.

Check out this collection of resilience resources

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There is

- a nice activity for any age group on what can keep us going when things are tough

- a ‘3 good things’ primary and secondary activity on positive thinking

- a nice ’balancing act’ activity and ‘find your balance ‘ image , also focused on staying positive

- a printable worksheet, best used in small groups or 1-1 settings. Pupils must finish the sentences ‘I am, I can, I have’, to help them talk about positive features in themselves

- a secondary lesson about resilience, with film clips and emoticon counters for a snakes and ladders game

A colllection of resources for teaching about diversity and for the Prevent duty

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Here we have uploaded 

- a primary or secondary assembly or lesson  resource (slides with teacher notes)on valuing diversity and difference,  from Tower Hamlets. Includes a fabulous slide picture asking Would you want to live in a world wher everyone looked the same?

- a set of secondary lessons (slides with notes)  to meet the Prevent duty , also from Tower Hamlets. Covers prejudice, empathy with refugees, understanding what is and isn't true.

New resources for dealing with worries and feeling low

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Why should adults get all the self-help books? There are also lovely reads and activities for youngsters who need some extra support to feel relaxed, mindful, grateful, inspired and happy. Have a look at this selection of 13 books to children feel more calm and mindful, at

For secondary students, follow these links to find a couple of useful True Tube films about stress and feeling down KS3 KS3 and 4

Emotional hijack and self regulation

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We've put together here a set of  ‘Fight or flight’ slides on the emotional and thinking parts of the brain from the original SEAL training materials and the classroom resources, plus new stuff on emotional regulation. Suitable for primary children and Y7.


Fabulous presentation for parents on exam stress

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Tapton School in Sheffield have created a brilliant set of student welllbeing resources. This is a presentation for parents to help them understand how we respond to stress , and how to help their child cope with exams.

All-new resource compendium for your 2017 work on Getting On and Falling Out/Learning to be Together

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Here we have a lesson for upper KS2 and secondary pupils about migration and understanding what it feels to be different, based on a moving poem.For secondary students there is a Power-Point and linked worksheet and lesson plan on the theme of friendship, from ezzy sunlight (thank you!) , and a very useful suite of resources on kindness and friendship in relation to the use of social media, plus some peer pressure scenarios for role play and discussion.

Understanding loss and death

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There is a very sensitive ‘Death and new life’ assembly or lesson. Uploaded by Ian Forsyth , it draws on his own experience of losing his grandmother and invites children to think about their own losses and make a class memory basket. This resource will help children understand the feelings they may experience and understand that loss and sadness are part of living.

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