SEAL Newsletter Issue 10: SEAL assessment

SEAL Newsletter Issue 10: SEAL assessment

Regular readers of SEAL news will know that the primary SEAL resources have been chosen by the Chinese Ministry of Education as the basis for a pilot social and emotional learning curriculum in five provinces in China. Julie Casey and other members of the SEAL Community have been visiting China regularly to provide support.
In the latest NfER Teacher Voice survey for the Department for Education, 62% of teachers felt able to identify pupil behaviour which may be linked...
A new Association of Character Education (ACE) has been established as a response to the growing interest in character education. It is a subject...
This January 2016 guidance provides a reminder of what must be in a behaviour policy, including measures to promote good behaviour, self-discipline and respect. Much of the guidance explains the powers members of staff have to discipline pupils. One notable change is that from now on, schools will no longer have a statutory obligation to have in place home school agreements. Find the guidance at
The Early Intervention Foundation (EIF) and Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) have jointly hosted a What Works policy workshop: Resilience, character and social and emotional skills. Where next for education policy?
Funded programmes will include Zippy’s Friends, delivered by Partnership for Children; Positive Action, delivered by Lady Joanna Thornhill Primary School, a school-led programme designed to develop good behaviour and character; FRIENDS, delivered by Project Salus, a 10 week programme to help Year 5 pupils reduce anxiety by teaching them how to solve problems and understand new ideas better; Improving Oracy Framework, delivered by School 21 and Changing Mindsets, delivered by the University of Portsmouth.
The PSHE Association has launched ‘A curriculum for life: the case for statutory PSHE education’, which brings together compelling evidence of the benefits of PSHE education. Using evidence from the report, the PSHE Association is urging ministers to heed new calls from parents and pupils to make PSHE education statutory. Ministers have committed to a decision on this by the end of this year.

Sharing practice

The Harbour is a Special School and Pupil Referral Unit on five different sites in Portsmouth, three providing for students with behaviour difficulties and two for students with medical and emotional needs. Staff also support pupils in local mainstream schools. Catherine Walker is one of the school’s Deputy Directors and directly heads up one of the sites, a provision for 4-16 year olds with between 40 and 70 pupils on site and on Individual Tuition in homes. Catherine leads on social and emotional learning across all the sites.
At the Torfaen PRU, staff regard their role in developing students’ social and emotional capacities as pivotal, as their behaviour and learning depend on these skills. Many of the students’ skills in these areas are at an early stage and out of sync with their chronological age, and the PRU’s curriculum includes explicit sessions in SEAL, in addition to daily SEAL ‘discussion topics’.
This case study comes from a Healthy Schools Toolkit. It illustrates how one school used home-grown SEAL surveys to identify issues that needed to be tackled, set specific measurable outcomes, and monitor the impact of the initiatives introduced.
Smithy Bridge Primary School used the Stirling Wellbeing Scale, which was adapted for Rochdale pupils, to measuring wellbeing in Year 6 students. The scale was used to gather baseline data in September 2012. Research that has used this scale on a large number of children, found that the mean score is 44, with 50% of all scores being within the range of 39 and 48. So, after the students had completed the questions on the scale, they decided to pay particular attention to the 7 children with scores under 40 because they had lower levels of wellbeing.

Resource roundup

We’ve uploaded new Rise Above resources for work on coping with change and transition, at
It feels like never before have we so much needed to educate our children to be global citizens. There are fabulous lesson plans and PowerPoints here...
If you are working on the theme of change this term, why not focus on the experiences of refugees and migrants? We’ve uploaded a collection of lesson...
DfE statutory guidance for relationships and health education (primary) and sex, relationships and health education (secondary) is due to come into...
Wellbeing Measurement for Schools is an approach that supports primary and secondary schools to understand particular strengths and challenges for...