SEAL mapped against new DFE statutory sex, relationships and health curriculum

DfE statutory guidance for relationships and health education (primary) and sex, relationships and health education (secondary) is due to come into force in September 2020. For English members we have mapped SEAL content against the content specified in the guidance.

As with PSHE in the past, SEAL is the central ring of a metaphorical ‘doughnut’ which helps children develop the core social and emotional skills that underpin the ability to build strong relationships, make wise decisions, keep themselves safe and be mentally healthy. Around this central ring is another circle full of all the content knowledge required by government curriculum guidance - everything rom internet safety to drugs and alcohol education.

The new statutory guidance has a LOT of knowledge content. That may mean there is a risk that schools feel they have to focus on covering it all, at the expense of developing core social and emotional skills. We hope you will remember that there is good scientific evidence that programmes which, like SEAL, focus on core social and emotional skills result in better outcomes than programmes which simply teach knowledge. And that you will continue to place work on the central ring of the doughnut at the heart of what you do.


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