New transition collection

Here we have a really nice end-of-year activity for Year 7s. They have to create a  How to Survive Year 7 Guide for the next Y7 students. There is a  PowerPoint which can be used to introduce the activity through discussion and suggest what aspects of school might go in the guide. Students then need to work together (pairs/small groups) to create their a guide. Thanks to ashleymarie for these resources.Next there is a transition social story for children to count down to returning to school over the long summer holiday. They can be given to children with ASD and other SEN needs, for families to use at home. Big thanks to Hazel Deville, Inclusion Leader for this.And a realy useful Secondary School Transition booklet for vulnerable  children to work on 1-1 to prepare for transition - good stuff on worries and solution-focused thinking.Also for primary children we have  a memory page and portrait to use as an end of year activity or a transition day activity with a new group of children, prepared by mytmot, and a flowers sheet where each petal asks children something about themselves. You can copy  them onto lots of different brightly coloured pieces of card so that once cut out you can decorate your classroom with them. There is space in the middle of the flower to stick a picture of the child's face. This was shared by lauraemmasims7  - thank you..

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