New resources for dealing with worries and feeling low

Why should adults get all the self-help books? There are also lovely reads and activities for youngsters who need some extra support to feel relaxed, mindful, grateful, inspired and happy. Have a look at this selection of 13 books to children feel more calm and mindful, at

For secondary students, follow these links to find a couple of useful True Tube films about stress and feeling down KS3 KS3 and 4

We’ve also uploaded below a nice KS1 lesson plan using Anthony Browne’s book Silly Billy, and descriptions of some fabulous new primary fiction and picture books about worries and anxiety.

There are more at, a great list from the National Literacy Trust and the Place2Be charity, that is part of a wider suite of resources. These include primary and secondary assemblies on stress, worries and wellbeing and how reading a good book can help. Find them all at

Do have a look at Worry Angels by Sita Brahmachari, a brilliant short novel for work on worries. Amy May knows about webs of worries - so many people she meets are caught in them, from her own artist dad to newly arrived refugee Rima and her family. By being brave enough to open up her worry box, Amy May helps all those around her find a way forward. This super-readable ‘chapters’ book addresses problems that affect many young people at one time or another. It deals unsentimentally with family break-up, moving home and school anxiety whilst showing how one girl finds solace and positivity with the help of an understanding and inspirational teacher. You can find a short animation based on the book at and ideas for classroom activities based on the book at

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