Get to know your new class and involve parents

Why not send home this One Page Profile and ask children to complete it with their family? They can stick on a photo or draw themselves, then record:- the things that other people like and admire about them- what is important to them ... what they are really interested in, what they want to achieve, favourite lessons and activities, routines that matter to them- anything their new teacher needs to know so as to support them ... how they learn best, what helps them learn and what doesn't, anything they worry about, what makes things easier for them, things to be avoided and so on.I'm longing to fill in one of these with my eight year old grandson Oscar, so we can tell his new teacher that he has great ideas and loads going on in his head even though she may not be able to read his writing... that he got badly stung by hornets and that's why he goes a bit crazy when there are wasps around.... that he absolutely loves working on the computer.... that his goal is to design video games.. that his mother died when he was five so he might need an extra bit of TLC at times....As well as the One Page Profile sheet you will find a guide on how to take the ideas further with classroom activities and link them to your SEAL themes - New Beginnings and Good to be Me. 

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