A colllection of resources for teaching about diversity and for the Prevent duty

Here we have uploaded 

- a primary or secondary assembly or lesson  resource (slides with teacher notes)on valuing diversity and difference,  from Tower Hamlets. Includes a fabulous slide picture asking Would you want to live in a world wher everyone looked the same?

- a set of secondary lessons (slides with notes)  to meet the Prevent duty , also from Tower Hamlets. Covers prejudice, empathy with refugees, understanding what is and isn't true.

You could use the refugee slides with  a great film for empathy 'Refugee'. https://www.truetube.co.uk/film/refugee?tab=film . Synopsis: If you were forced to leave your home and could only take one bag, what would you take? What would it feel like to be on the run from your own country, in the hope of finding a safe place somewhere else? In this award-winning short drama for secondary students, we meet a young girl and her family in an unknown land and discover how they came to be there, far away from home.

You could pair the film with an activity where you ask pupils to discuss, write or draw what they would put in their bag if they had to leave their home and could only take five things with them.

- a list of books and linked lesson ideas on diversity for primary schools

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