Check out this collection of resilience resources

There is

- a nice activity for any age group on what can keep us going when things are tough

- a ‘3 good things’ primary and secondary activity on positive thinking

- a nice ’balancing act’ activity and ‘find your balance ‘ image , also focused on staying positive

- a printable worksheet, best used in small groups or 1-1 settings. Pupils must finish the sentences ‘I am, I can, I have’, to help them talk about positive features in themselves

- a secondary lesson about resilience, with film clips and emoticon counters for a snakes and ladders game

 - a secondary lesson on happiness and how doing enriching activities and setting smart goals can help us to feel happy, suitable for Yr9-13. There’s a lesson plan and four worksheets (enrichment and SMART goal setting)

- A KS1 and KS2 lesson plan to accompany the WONDERFUL book My Monster and Me by Nadiya Hussain. The plan provides ways for pupils to discuss anxieties and worries, whilst also meeting spoken language objectives

- A Getting through difficult time primary resilience assembly from Place2Be

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