All about me in a paper lunch bag? Try these great new back to school resources

Here we have

  • A brilliant set of ideas for building relationships and a sense of belonging for a new class- for primary and secondary. This is the one with the lunch bag!
  • Two other nice ones on the same theme- Sharing Stories on the first day, and Great Conversations
  • A fun set of games for icebreaking and team-building, with thanks to magicmagic.
  • A thought-provoking upper primary and secondary lesson about belonging and difference, based on the award-winning short film The lost thing.
  •  Rani and Jack - a story and film if you are using the welcoming a newcomer work from the primary SEAL New Beginnings resources... or just working on friendship, difference and belonging, bullying or prejudice. Good for older primary and secondary. Also on the same theme why not use the picture book New Neighbours, by Sarah McIntyre , which features a tower block full of animal tenants. When a pigeon brings news to the top-floor bunnies that rats are moving into the building, they are thrilled; but as the news makes its way downwards, attitudes harden, and pigs, polar bears and yaks in turn declare rats to be smelly, thieving undesirables. What will happen when the residents finally meet the newcomers? The book finds energy and humour without being preachy in this comic, layered warning against misinformation and prejudice.

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