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Working together, empathy and friendship 2016 secondary resource compendium

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First, we think you will like Crabs versus ants versus penguins - a fun film about the power of working in a group

For empathy, we love the What is empathy lesson, uploaded below, which helps children understand what empathy means. It includes a brilliant short You Tube film, New Boy, based on a story by Roddy Boyle. Beware though – ne of the children at one point uses the word f—cking so you might need to do some clever editing.

Massive 2016 Getting on and falling out primary resource compendium

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Here we have first some new planning additions to the members’ resources area of the website. We have some Y4 medium term SEAL planning from Jo Taylor, and from Fred Daynes (thank you Fred) PowerPoints of the Y4 and 5 Getting on lessons from the national resources.

For work on friendship, for the Foundation Stage we have a PowerPoint about how to be a SuperFriend, and a set of Reception/KS1 cards for children to fill in after the class have read Tony Ross’ I want a friend (uploaded by Angela Scrivens – thank you!)

The spaghetti marshmallow challenge

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Want a particularly fun activity to use for helping children develop group work skills? You could use the Marshmallow Challenge with the groupwork checklists in the national SEAL Getting On and Falling Out resources. The challenge is to build the talllest free-standing structure you can in 900 seconds. The materials are miniature marshmallows and dried spaghetti straws. The height of the tower is scored at oone point per centimetre.There’s an interesting video about a variant on the challenge at 

Need resources to help children make friends, resolve conflicts and work together in groups?

If you are planning for work on SEAL themes Getting on and Falling Out (primary) or Learning to be together (secondary), try these resources

Team building activities

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Some fun team-building activities for primary or secondary, which could be used to help children reflect on what we need to do to work effectively with others. They were posted on TES Pro by the jenmeister –thank you!

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