emotional hijack

How the brain works - A lesson for upper KS2 and KS3 on how feelings can take over and get out of control

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This lesson helps pupils understand how the parts of the brain work together in dealing with strong emotions. Children learn what it means to 'lose it' during an emotional hi-jack. There are some great videos and a fun activity where pupils illustrate what the three parts of the brain would look like if they were people!

Resources to help children understand emotions

A few years ago Julie (one of the SEAL Community’s Directors) made some great short films for the BBC’s emotional literacy series, including this one on how the emotional brain can hijack the thinking brain. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p011sqwv

Emotional hijack and self regulation

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We've put together here a set of  ‘Fight or flight’ slides on the emotional and thinking parts of the brain from the original SEAL training materials and the classroom resources, plus new stuff on emotional regulation. Suitable for primary children and Y7.

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