Getting on and falling out (primary) or Learning to be together (secondary) lesson plans and assemblies

Getting on and falling out (primary) or Learning to be together (secondary) lesson plans and assemblies

New primary resources for getting on with others

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We absolutely love these free resources from the Tower Hamlets Oracy Hub, as they combine our passions for oracy and social and emotional learning. The lessons help children learn to talk effectively together in groups, at the same time as developing empathy and emotional awareness. There are lesson plans for each of KS1, Lower KS2 and Upper KS2, with pictures, links to videos, discussion prompts and sentence starters.

The KS1 lessons include work on friendships, loneliness and self-identity.

Spread a little kindness secondary assembly

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This is a nice secondary assembly (guide and slides) to get students thinking about kindness. There are lots of links to good videos and news stories. With thanks to Place2Be.

The same but different

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This assembly plan and lesson resources were created as part of the Mentally Healthy Schools World Mental Health Day 2020 resources, but can be used any time for work on diversity and difference. There are lesson plans for three different primary age groups.

How the brain works - A lesson for upper KS2 and KS3 on how feelings can take over and get out of control

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This lesson helps pupils understand how the parts of the brain work together in dealing with strong emotions. Children learn what it means to 'lose it' during an emotional hi-jack. There are some great videos and a fun activity where pupils illustrate what the three parts of the brain would look like if they were people!

Another bumper resource collection for Getting on/Learning to be together

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Here you will find:

Some classroom ideas for building a sense of community

Lessons in empathy: a nice primary lesson idea about welcoming a newcomer

Space Tortoise- a book to use for primary work on welcoming strangers

The Suitcase - A lovely picture book about kindness to strangers

A great primary/early secondary assembly Stop bullying with a tube of tooothpaste

A colllection of resources for teaching about diversity and for the Prevent duty

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Here we have uploaded 

- a primary or secondary assembly or lesson  resource (slides with teacher notes)on valuing diversity and difference,  from Tower Hamlets. Includes a fabulous slide picture asking Would you want to live in a world wher everyone looked the same?

- a set of secondary lessons (slides with notes)  to meet the Prevent duty , also from Tower Hamlets. Covers prejudice, empathy with refugees, understanding what is and isn't true.

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